Mansingh Hotels & Resorts Limited

Introduction & Background

Mansingh Hotels & Resorts (MHRL) is part of an Industrial Group founded by Late Seth Mukand Lal in the mid 1920s. Seth Mukandlal, a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi, setup Mukand Iron & Steel Works at Lahore in 1927. The group later added various rolling mills at Lahore, Ghaziabad and Kapurthala. The group’s foray into Hotels business stated in early 1980s when Mansingh Hotels & Resorts Limited, owners of MANSINGH Hotel at Jaipur was taken over by the family. The first hotel of the Group. ‘Mansingh’ at Jaipur gave the Group its present name, MANSINGHGROUP. The Mansinghgroup’s valued inheritance and contemporary luxury attracts many tourists again and again to its various hotels.

Commitment of Group towards Society

The group realize its responsibility towards the society. In addition to the Business activities, the group has been very active in Philanthropic and religious activities. A number of Post Graduate Colleges, Hospitals, Polytechnics, Schools, Orphanages and an Engineering College are running under the auspicious of the Group. Presently, about 20,000 students are studying in the institutions setup and run by the Group in Yamuna Nagar and Radaur in Haryana and in Ghaziabad in UP.

Mansingh Hotels & Resorts Limited is a publicly held company with its Registered Office at Sansar Chandra Road, Jaipur, Rajsathan, its shares are listed on the Jaipur and Delhi Stock Exchanges.


  • In 1986, Mansingh Hotels & Resorts Limited (Formerly known as Indo Continental Hotels & Resorts Limited) acquired a Hotel project at Ajmer from the Rajsathan Financial Corporation and Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation (RIICO). The project was implemented with loans from RIICO. All the loans have been repaid in full and the Hotel is now a landmark of the city of Ajmer.
  • In 1987, the Group acquired its third Hotel situated in the City of “Taj”, Agra through the amalgamated of M/s Hotel Pink City Pvt Ltd., into it. After takeover, the Group renovated the Hotel to give it a complete new look. The hotel also witnessed an addition of 60 rooms to make it a 97 Rooms hotel.
  • The last addition to the hotels of the Company is a 60 rooms 3 star Deluxe Hotel built on a site adjoining the company’s first Hotel at Jaipur. This hotel is catering to the up market segment and is one of the most elegant properties in Jaipur.
  • Mansingh Hotels & Resorts Limited has recently made its foray into real estate and has set up a multiplex cum shopping mall at Mohannagar, Ghaziabad, U.P..
Mansingh Hotels & Resorts Properties

Hotel Mansingh, Jaipur

A 95 rooms, 5 Star Hotel, situated in the heart of ‘The Pink City, Jaipur’. The hotel is a unique blend of all luxurious facilities, with a specialty Restaurant.
Coffee shop, Bar, Bar-Be-Q, Banquet, Conference, Swimming Pool, Health Club and Shopping arcade.

Hotel Mansingh Towers, Jaipur

A 53 rooms, Deluxe rooms hotel, adjacent to the Mansingh Hotel, Jaipur. This hotel is fully equipped with ultra modern facilities to cater to the up market tourists and business travelers. The hotel has a multicuisine, restaurant, Bar, Banquet, Conference, Library and Business centre.

Hotel Mansingh Palace, Agra

A 97 rooms, 5 Star Hotel at a well located area in the City of Taj, Agra. A complete luxuries hotel with the facility of multicuisine restaurant, Bar, Banquet, Conference, Swimming Pool, Health Club and Shopping arcade.

Hotel Mansingh Palace, Ajmer

A 50 rooms, 3 star deluxe hotel at a well appointed area in the City of Pushkar and Dargah, Ajmer. The hotel has facilities of multicuisine restaurant, Bar, Banquet, Conference, and shopping arcade.


Set up on a plot of measuring 14,000 Sq.Mtrs, this 250,000 Sq.ft (Approx) development houses a six screen multiplex, a Family Entertainment Centre, a Food Court and shopping area.


Mansingh Hotels & Resorts Limited is a professionally managed Company with its Board of Directors comprising of some eminent personalities in their respective fields under the Chairmanship of Shri Ashok Kumar. The Board of the Company comprises of;

  • Sh.Ashok Kumar, Chairman of ICHRL has over 40 years of experience in promoting and managing Industrial and commercial enterprises.
  • Sh. Ashwini Kumar, the Vice Chairman and Managing Director, has over 20 years of experience in managing Industrial enterprises.
  • Sh.Bharat Kumar has over 15 years of experience in the Hotel Industry.
  • Sh. Vijay Kumar has over 35 years of experience in promoting and managing Industrial and commercial enterprises.
  • Sh.D.N.Davar is the ex-Chairman of IFCI and is well known financial expert.
  • Col. (Retd) S.P.Wahi is the ex-Chairman of ONGC and Cement Corporation of India. He is well known management consultant and an eminent advisor of human relations.
  • Sh. Pradeep Jain is the Chairman of Parsvnath Builders Limited
  • Sh.VBL Mathur is the ex-Chief Secretary & Advisor to Govt of Rajasthan
  • Sh.U.K.Khaitan is a Solicitor of repute
  • Sh. Lalit Bhasin is a leading Stock Broker and Financial Consultant
  • Sh. Bharat B.Goyal is the Margining Director of Adiyar Gate Hotels Limited
  • Shri Ashok Kumar, Chairman at Mansingh Hotels and Resorts ltd.
  • Shri Ashwini Kumar, Vice Chairman and Managing Director
  • Shri Bharat Kumar Aggarwal, Managing Director and CEO
  • Shri Ravindra Kumar Garg, Director
  • Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Director